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The General in His Labyrinth

The General in His Labyrinth


Обзор книги The General in His Labyrinth. Wending his way down the Magdalena River towards the Caribbean with his faithful servant, Jose Palacios, Bolivars journey is hindered by his own reluctance to let his power go. In his younger days, Simon Bolivar swept the Spanish back to Europe, liberating South America with his youthful vitality. But Jonely, embittered and sickly at the age of forty-six, his power has dwindled, coups abound and its time for The Liberator to send himself into the exile of retirement. Defspite the assassination attempts, jeering and humiliation he encounters, his fear of fading into the shadows keeps him clinging to the man he used to be...

Елена Малиновская Гадалка. Игра на желания


Гарди Т. Вдали от обезумевшей толпы

Спилман К. Когда Я скучаю. Полезные сказки

Шалва Амонашвили Песнь Великой Любви. Воин света. Тысячу лет спустя

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